MiaMaxx began their journey into the design and creation of the first of their product just over 4 years ago now. MiaMaxx is the first pleasure device to originate and launch from Australia to create MiaMaxx 3-inch thrusting dildo vibrator as a fresh and new innovative high end brand. Miamaxx provides intimate lifestyle products and elevate the standards of quality in the adult toy industry.

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$319.95 $259.95
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Mia Maxx Hand Held Thrusting Vibrator w 3″ Thrust

MiaMaxx 3 inch thrusting dildo, 3 inch thrusting vibrator hand held fucking machine boasts 7 powerful stimulation modes, 3 different speed settings. future sex toy. There is no other comparable product currently available, MiaMaxx offers a satisfying and unique experience.
$319.95 $259.95